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Biochemist Biologist Technician for an Apprenticeship Contract F/M
  • Ref: ALTBIO/2021/03/WEB
Company presentation

Adocia is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that specializes in the development of innovative formulations of already-approved therapeutic proteins. Adocia's insulin formulation portfolio, featuring five clinical-stage products and three preclinical products, is among the largest and most differentiated in the industry.

Your mission

ADOCIA is recruiting for its R&D Department in Lyon:


Mission : Efficacy and biocompatibility evluation of innovative Evaluation de l'efficacité et de la biocompatibilité des formulations développées par ADOCIA

The student will be working in the Biology department under the direct supervision of a research scientist and will take part in the mission assigned to the laboratory technicians of the department. Its main missions are :

  • Quantification of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetics studies.
  • Analysis of the in vitro efficacy and biocompatibility of the products developed in the company.
  • Participation in the developement of relevant and predictive in vitro models (vitro/vivo correlation)
  • Participation in the investigation of action mechanisms of products developed in the company.
  • Participation to the laboratory good practices (lab book, material and reagents orders, equipment and lab space maintenance)

The main techniques used will include:

  • Biochemical quantification
    • ELISA quantification
    • Biochemical analysis (Western-blot, colorimetric quantifications)
  • Molecular biology
    • Tool development for cell biology experiment
    • Gene expression analysis
Expected profile

The skills required for performing these missions will be:

  • Following experimental protocols for validated in vitro assays (technical skills)
  • Development of experimental protocols (technical skills)
  • Oral and written skills for reporting results
  • Following safety rules
  • Ability to interact with colleagues, management and society personnel

For this apprenticeship contract, it necessary to enjoy research, have a rigorous methodology and to like teamwork.

Adocia promotes excellence to become a partner of large pharmaceutical companies specialized in the innovative treatment of chronic diseases

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