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Analist Technician with a Degree in Chemistry for an Apprenticeship Contract F/M
  • Ref: ALTANA/2021/03/WEB
Company presentation

Adocia is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that specializes in the development of innovative formulations of already-approved therapeutic proteins. Adocia's insulin formulation portfolio, featuring five clinical-stage products and three preclinical products, is among the largest and most differentiated in the industry.

Your mission

ADOCIA is recruiting for its R&D Department in Lyon:


Your duty will be to participate in the realization of analytical studies (for the characterization of proteins and innovative polymers in order to participate in the creation of new protein and peptide -based drugs).

Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry with a specialization in analytical chemistry. You are looking for a work-study (apprenticeship) contract as an analyst technician in order to acquire:

  • Professional experience in a Research and Development environment position as well as good knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry,
  • Good mastery of current analytical techniques (HPLC, CPG, MS, NMR, UV, Fluorescence, Potentiometry, capillary electrophoresis...),
  • Experience in developing and validating analytical methods,
  • Experience in polymers and proteins analysis.
Expected profile

Preferred skills:

  • Knowledge of in-depth theoretical methods of HPLC and GC, and in addition computer skills.
  • Demonstrate  a rigorous methodology in compliance with pharmaceutical industry‘s quality standards.
  • Desire to learn and show enthusiasm when facing challenges. Working in an ambitious, competitive and promising sector motivates you.
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and an appetite for team-work.

Adocia fosters excellence in order to become a strategic partner to large pharmaceutical corporations specialized in the innovative treatment of chronic diseases.

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