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Physical Chemist Formulation Technician for an Apprenticeship contract F/M
  • Ref: ALTPC/2021/03/WEB
Company presentation

Adocia is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that specializes in the development of innovative formulations of already-approved therapeutic proteins. Adocia's insulin formulation portfolio, featuring five clinical-stage products and three preclinical products, is among the largest and most differentiated in the industry.

Your mission

ADOCIA is recruiting for its R&D department in Lyon :

A PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY TECHNICIAN - TRAINING under an apprenticeship contract F/M

Your mission will consist of :

  • Develop innovative formulations of therapeutic proteins/peptides based on the Drug Delivery technologies developed by Adocia, including BioChaperone
  • Study the protein/peptide excipient interactions as a function of the physico-chemical parameters of the solution (pH, ionic strength, etc.)
  • Characterise these new formulations using physico-chemical and/or biophysical analytical techniques
  • Characterise the properties of BioChaperones in solution (solubility, size, viscosity, etc.).
  • Develop systems for the controlled release of polymer/protein formulations for therapeutic applications.
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