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R&D Internship in Physical Chemistry - Formulation F/H
  • Ref: STAGEPC/2021/10/WEB
Company presentation

Adocia is a biotechnology company whose main activity is the innovative formulation of approved therapeutic proteins, including insulin and its analogues.

Your mission

During this internship, you will be working in the Physical Chemistry department.

As part of the "Cell Therapy" project, your mission will be to develop implantable hydrogel-based systems for the encapsulation of cells.

This will involve formulating polymer-based hydrogels and developing methods of encapsulation. You will characterize the precursor formulas before and during gelation (rheology, dynamic light scattering). You will also focus on highlighting the structure-property relationships of these hydrogels, and in particular controlling their homogeneity, their transport properties, and mechanical properties (rheology, mechanical tests, molecular diffusion measurement, etc.). To do this, different hydrogels will be prepared by varying their composition, crosslinking conditions, and the implementation process to obtain materials of varying sizes and shapes.

Expected profile

This 6-month internship from February 2022, is aimed at a student with a master's degree (BAC+5) interested in R&D in Physical Chemistry and its applications to pharmaceuticals, a demanding and innovative field.

A good knowledge of in-solution polymer properties and of materials will be an advantage for this internship.

A good methodology combined with initiative taking will be necessary to meet expectations.

A multidisciplinary profile will be appreciated as the intern will be working with the company's various departments (chemistry, analysis, biology) during their project.

Finally, good interpersonal skills will help you fit in well with the dynamic formulation team.

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