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A biologiste biochemist researcher W/M
  • Ref: CBIO/2022/02/WEB
Company presentation

Adocia is 110-people biotechnology company based in Lyon, listed on the Euronext stock exchange, and specializing in the development of innovative formulation of previously approved proteins. Adocia's insulin formulations portfolio, featuring four products in clinical stage and one in preclinical stage, is among the largest and most differentiated in the industry.

Your mission

Within a multidisciplinary team of 110 people, your mission will consist in developing biological tests in order to characterize the properties of innovative formulations of therapeutic molecules and new polymers for the treatment of chronic metabolic diseases, including diabetes and obesity.

Supervising a team of highly specialized technicians, you will develop in vitro biological techniques to characterize our products. You will interact with physicochemists and chemists to establish the correlations between the structure of polymers and their biological properties. Thus, your research will aim at optimizing our formulations and polymers to guarantee the specifications of our projects. Finally, you will develop models to explain the mechanisms of biological action of our products.

Expected profile

A PhD in Biology or Biochemistry and a previous experience in the biotechnology/pharmaceutic field (or eventually as a post doctorate researcher) are mandatory.

You possess the following skills:

  • Very good command of cell biology related techniques
    • Cell culture (including immortalized cell lines, primary cell lines and 3D culture),
    • Cell characterization assays (activity measurements, viability measurements, ...),
    • Flow cytometry, microscopy, image analysis,
  • Good knowledge of protein characterization (Western blot, BLI, SPR) and quantification (ELISA) methods,
  • Mastery of current analysis techniques,
  • Rigorous methodology,
  • Marketed taste for pluri-disciplinarity,
  • Proficiency in English (both written and oral),
  • Computer literacy,
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a pronounced taste for teamwork.


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